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There is one way, then, in which a man can be free from all anxiety about the fate of his soul — if in life he has abandoned bodily pleasures and adornments, as foreign to his purpose and likely to do more harm than good, and has devoted himself to the pleasures of acquiring knowledge, and so by decking his soul not with a borrowed beauty but with its own — with self-control, and goodness, and courage, and liberality, and truth — has fitted himself to await his journey to the next world. — from “The True Earth”

Voyage of the Soul
Petrarch Press and Apollo Bindery, 1996
B358 S65 1996

Introduction by Mark Smith. Graphic design by Peter Cohen. Title page illustration: Hermes Conducting a Soul to the Afterworld from a vase painting by the Phiale Painter. Set in Dante type. Printed on sheepskin parchment. Rare Books copy is lettered “XI.”