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“My sakes alive — the turkey is burnt on one side, and the kettles have biled over so the pies I put to warm are all ashes!”

Aunt Jo’s Scrap-bag: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, etc.
Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)
Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1882
First edition
PS1017 A8 1882


“Aunt Jo’s Scrap-Bag” is a series of six books containing sixty-six fiction and non-fiction stories, begun in 1872 and completed in 1882 with this volume. Louisa May Alcott’s stories for children ranged from personal experiences to fantasy, all providing life-lessons in good will. The volumes were issued as Christmas gift books. Some of the stories were reprints, some original to these volumes. Illustrated with two full-page black and white plates. The volumes were uniformly bound, but in various colors. This volume bound in brown blind stamped cloth with gilt spine.