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Articles of Peace Between the Most Serene and…
Great Britain. Treaties, etc., 1660-1685 (Charles II)
London: Printed by John Bill, Christopher Barker, Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills, printers to the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, 1677
First edition
E191 G78

For the signing of this treaty, the British government was represented by Rt. Hon. Herbert Jeffries, esq., lieutenant-governor of His Majesties colony of Virginia. Present were Sir John Berry and Francis Morison, esq., commissioners, and the Council of state of the colony. The treaty was signed, by marks, by the Queen of Pamunkey, the Queen of Waonoke, the King of the Nottoways, the King of the Nancymond Indians, and John West, son to the Queen of Pamunkey. University of Utah edition bound later by Riviere & son.