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San Francisco, CA: 1940

Beverage list from “John’s Rendezvous,” a San Francisco restaurant opened by John Sobrato at 50 Osgood Place during the Prohibition. By the 1940s the restaurant had gained a reputation for its food and was considered by many the best restaurant in San Francisco. Among its many patrons were movie stars and giants of the film industry. After John’s death in 1953, his wife sold the restaurant.

This wine list was mailed to interested patrons at the height of the restaurant’s fame. Its style is representative of the late Art Deco period. Printed on cardstock, with foreword and tribute pages preceding six tabbed sections delineating the various liquor options served, including Mixed Drinks and Sweet Wines; California Wines, Imported Wines, Champagnes and Sparkling Wines; Cordials and After Dinner Drinks; and Mineral Waters, Ales & Beers. Each tabbed leaf is illustrated with an orange, brown, and cream silhouette of a semi-nude woman posing with a specific piece of appropriate glassware, followed by a price list of drink options. Each section has a paragraph or two about the type of wine or liquor. Spiral bound with metallic copper paper wrappers.