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Aristotle, Organum, 1577
Organum, Sive Logicae Tractationes Omnes
Francofurti, Excudebat A. Wechelus, sibi & T. Guarino, 1577
PA389 O7 1577

Of all the classical Greek scholars, the most influential was Aristotle. He defined for the first time basic fields of inquiry: logic, physics, political science, economics, psychology, rhetoric, and ethics. In the process, Aristotle also established a method of study, based upon deductive reasoning, which profoundly influenced scholarship for nearly two thousand years.

The Organum is a collection of four Aristotelian treatises on inductive and especially deductive reasoning. This edition is a new and corrected version of the famous edition done by the learned French humanist Nicolas de Gouchy (ca. 1520-1572) in Portugal, where he was teaching Greek at Coimbra.

Greek text. Title also in Greek. Widely scattered underscoring or brief neat annotations in an early hand.