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The Hand-Book of Wyoming and Guide to the…
Robert Edmund Strahorn (1852-1944)
Cheyenne; Chicago: Knight & Leonard, printers, 1877
First edition
F761 S89

In 1876, gold was discovered in the Black Hills of Wyoming. The Union Pacific took advantage of the situation by promoting Cheyenne and the surrounding area with guides such as this, pronouncing its route as the shortest and safest way to get into the Black Hills. The guide included useful instruction for the visitor to the area…after all, who would want to settle there? Unlike many travel writers of the era, Robert Strahorn was no tenderfoot. As a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, he traveled extensively, knew the area well and included thoughtful observations along with fairly trustworthy facts. The text is accompanied by many illustrations and pages of advertisements. This is the first published history and guidebook for Wyoming Territory. The Marriott Library’s copy, once held in the University of Wyoming’s library, retains its original paper wrappers.