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Near his left knee the Pleiads next are roll’d
Like seven pure brilliants set in ring of gold.
Though each one small, their splendour all combine
To form one gem, and gloriously they shine.
Their number seven, though some men fondly say,
And poets feign, that one has pass’d away.
Alcyone — Celoeno — Merope —
Electra — Taygeta — Sterope —
With Maia — honour’d sisterhood — by Jove
To rule the seasons plac’d in heaven above.
Men mark them, rising with the solar ray,
The harbingers of summer’s brighter day —
Men mark them, rising with Sol’s setting light,
Forerunners of the winter’s gloomy night.
They guide the Ploughman to the mellow land —
The Sower casts his seed at their command.
–Aratus (b. ca. 260BC)

The Tower of the Winds
Lawrence G. Van Velzer and Peggy Gotthold
Santa Cruz: Foolscap Press, 2002
N7433.4 V368 T68 2002

Designed and letterpress printed from polymer plates on a Hacker hand press by the authors. The type face is Adobe Herculanum. Papers are Zerkall Book and handmade Egyptian papyrus. One scroll presented in a cylindrical case with
metal clasp. The case was produced from dyed, hand-shaped Arches paper. Edition of 200 copies.