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“Ishtar cried out…
Six days and seven nights the wind
shrieked, the stormflood rolled
through the land. On the seventh
day of its coming the stormflood
broke from the battle…
The word sea grew quiet, the storm
was still; the Flood stopped.
All of humanity was turned to clay.
I crouched, sitting, and wept.
My tears flowed over my cheeks.
Gods, let me not forget this…”

Gilgamesh: the postmodern replica
Ludmil Trenkov
Otis Laboratory Press, 1997
N7433.4 T635 G5 1997

Writing based on the 1985 edition of ‘Gilgamesh’ by John Gardner and John Maier. Edition of fifteen copies.

Recommended reading:

Gardner, John and John Maier. Gilgamesh: Translated from the Sin-leqi-unninii Version…. New York: Vintage Books, 1985
PJ3771 G5 E5 1985, L1