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Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera…
Londini: aeneis tabvlis incidit Iohannes Pine, 1733-37
PA6393 A3 1733

The text and decoration for this edition of Horace were engraved by English printer, John Pine (1690-1756). Pine used a font of condensed roman letterforms for the text and initials. The font has strong contrasts of thick and thin lines, creating a striking, spare look on the page. Pine also made use of classical decorations in headpieces and tailpieces and a similar classical style in his illustrations and frontispieces. Never fanciful, as French decoration often was, Pine’s more austere designs evoked a sense of solidity in the text itself. This look was a major influence on future book design. It is possible that John Pine apprenticed under the French engraver Bernard Picart (1673-1733). Binding includes marbled end-papers.