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Lyuba Hemingway

Photograph by Scott Beadles, Rare Books assistant

Congratulations to Lyuba Basin, Rare Books assistant, who received a Fulbright Scholarship for 2016. Writes Lyuba,

“It was through literature that I discovered that the world…was much larger than I first imagined. I began to read and write so as to travel to distant places…only accessible to me through my imagination…When I encountered Latin America, I realized that traveling around the world…no longer [need be] an imaginative endeavor, but a possibility within my reach. I looked for every opportunity…to learn more about many Latin American countries and their unique cultural differences. I have learned Spanish and studied abroad in the Dominican Republic and Cuba; I have been introduced to Andean cultures and the indigenous language of Quechua; I found work in a Mexican restaurant named after the influential artist Frida Kahlo, and in my free time became acquainted with authors such as Neruda, Borges, Cortázar and García Márquez. I have roamed across Latin America both mentally and physically, but now I am searching for a unique experience that will allow me to give back to a culture that has awarded me so much.

As an aspiring educator, I believe in the importance of introducing the English language and American culture in a way that does not undermine the languages and cultures of others. With this in mind, what I would bring to the classroom is a practice of sharing personal narratives cross-culturally and cross-linguistically, without judgment and without fear. For my supplementary project I intend to organize a weekly, after-school creative writing workshop…With my background in literature and writing I hope that I may encourage the students to bridge the gap between nations and share stories, poems, and songs…By providing this outlet for expression, I feel that the students will be able to apply what they learn in the classroom in a relatable way. The workshop would also allow me to get to know the students and the Argentine culture on a personal level, beyond anything I can find in books. Bringing this knowledge back with me to the United States as a collection of student work which would…[enable] others to get to know the culture intimately…”

We know Lyuba is awesome. Now the world will.