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“You’ve got no right to grow here,” said the Dormouse.
“Don’t talk nonsense,” said Alice more boldly: “you know you’re growing too.”
– Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Dr. Ronald Rubin has donated a set of Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

Dr. Rubin, with his frequent and diverse gifts to the Rare Books Division, helps add to the breadth and depth of our collections. Thank you, Dr. Rubin, for helping the rare book collections grow.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)
New York: Random House, 1946
“Special Edition”
PR4611 A7 1946

This edition was designed by George Salter using John Tenniel’s illustrations from the first edition, colored by Fritz Kredel. Dalziel Brothers were the wood-engravers. Type face is Monotype Scotch. Two matched volumes issued in one slipcase.