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“We are embracing the process of making the book.” — Allison Milham, Book Arts Program Community Outreach Coordinator.

Glimpse gallery at the Marriott Library, Monday December 7, 2015.

Glimpse, Special Collections GalleryPhoto courtesy of Utah Daily Chronicle

Allison Milham (Book Arts Program) and Luise Poulton (Rare Books) teamed up to curate an exhibition featuring the work of library and guest instructors for the Book Arts Program’s 2016 workshop schedule. Read more about it in the Utah Daily Chronicle.

The exhibition, “Glimpse,” in the Special Collections Gallery on level 4 of the J. Willard Marriott Library, includes artists’ books held in the Rare Books collection. 2016 Book Arts Program guest instructors include Keiji Shinohara (Woodcut), Karen Hamner (Flag Book and Leather Binding), Pamela Smith (Paper Marbling), Michelle Macfarlane (Cyanotype), Claire Taylor (Linocut on Fabric), Allyn Hart (Xerox Lithography), Becky Thomas (Experimental Ink Techniques), Stacy Phillips (Painting with Encaustics), Louanna Tanner (Calligraphy). Additional workshops are offered by Book Arts Program faculty and staff Crane Giamo and Marnie Powers-Torrey (Digital Letterpress), Emily Tipps (Narrative Pages), and Allison Milham (Bookmaking). For more information about these workshops visit the Book Arts Program.

Rare Books is proud to work with our colleagues in Book Arts!