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Rare Books worked with the Book Arts Program to contribute to Mimeo Mimeo 8: Curator’s Choice. Mimeo Mimeo editors asked “librarians, publishers, poets, printers, book dealers, book collectors, and others bibliographically inclined” from around the country “to curate six pages of Mimeo Mimeo with six items from their personal or institutional collections.” Rare Books Managing Curator Luise Poulton joined Marnie Powers-Torrey, David Wolske, Emily Tipps (Book Arts Program faculty);  Prof. Craig Dworkin (Dept. of English, University of Utah); and Becky Thomas (graduate student, Dept. of English, University of Utah) as part of the “Utah posse” of contributors. Each chose one book from the rare book collections.

Luise wrote about Kenneth Patchen’s An Astonished Eye Looks Out of the Air, Waldport, OR: Untide Press, 1945 PS3531 A764 A77 1944

Marnie Powers-Torrey wrote about Bridget Elmer’s Fibre Libre, Tuscaloosa, AL: Flatbed Splendor, 2010 N7433.4 E545 F5 2010

David Wolske wrote about Rebecca Brown’s Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary, Sedro-Wooley, WA: Grey Spider Press, 2001 RC265.6 B76 B76 2001

Emily Tipps wrote about Ruth Laxson’s A Hundred Years of: LEX FLEX, Atlanta, GA: Nexus Press, 2003 N7433.4 L39 H8 2003

Craig Dworkin wrote about Robert Grenier’s Sentences, Cambridge, MA: Whale Cloth Press, 1978 N7433.4 G797 S4 1978

Becky Thomas wrote about Jen Bervin’s The Desert, New York City: Granary Books, 2008 N7433.4 B47 D47 2008