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Boston: H. Hoyt, 1863
GT4975 T45

This children’s book suggests the importance of the spirit of giving as part of Thanksgiving Day.

We recommend — “Old Spines-Why We Love The Smell of Secondhand Books


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Thank you to our colleague Robert Behra for sending us this article from The Guardian:
“Old Spines-Why We Love The Smell of Secondhand Books”.

“…lignin is a polymer that stops trees from drooping, and is chemically related to the molecule vanillin. ‘When made into paper and stored for years, it breaks down and smells good which is how divine providence has arranged for secondhand bookstores [and our rare book collections!] to smell like good-quality vanilla absolute, subliminally stoking a hunger for knowledge in all of us.'”

And thank you, divine providence!



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Robert Boyle (1627-1691)
London: Printed by W. Wilson for H. Herrington, 1665
First edition
PN6330 B65 1665

Occasional reflections was ridiculed by Jonathan Swift in A meditation upon a Broom-Stick and by Samuel Butler in An occasional reflection on Dr. Charleton’s Feeling a Dog’s Pulse at Gresham College.

Her Campus at Utah — Its Time to Visit the Fourth Floor


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Its Time to Visit the Fourth Floor

Kristen Woicek posted this advice today on “Her Campus at Utah,”
“While there I met Luise Poulton, the Managing Curator of Rare Books, she is anything but intimidating. She loves what she does and I strongly encourage collegiettes to make time and their way up to the Rare Books office and talk to her.”

Kristen mentions several pieces from the rare book collections:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Title page

Marie Curie’s Traite de Radioactivite

A leaf from the Gutenberg Bible
Gutenberg Bible, 1450-1455

Common Sense
Common Sense, 1776 Cover

Come see these and many others.

Thanks for the shout out, Kristen!

Book of the Week — Paradise Lost


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John Milton (1608-1674)
Printed by Miles Flesher, for Richard Bentley, at the Post-Office in Russell-street, 1688
First illustrated edition
PR3560 1688

John Milton’s Paradise Lost was first printed in 1667, in part, perhaps as a reaction to the defeat of Oliver Cromwell’s revolution and the restoration of the monarchy. Milton attempted to reconcile elements of pagan and Christian tradition, portraying Satan as an unlikable but sympathetic character who defied a tyrannical God and waged unsuccessful war against him. In spite of this, the Roman Catholic Church did not place the work on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum until 1758. This a copy from the first illustrated edition of Paradise Lost. It is also the first edition of the work in folio. University of Utah copy bound with Paradise Regain’d. A Poem. In IV. Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes…(1688). An engraved portrait of Milton by Robert White is bound in opposite to the title page. The portrait includes an epitaph for Milton by John Dryden. Twelve full-paged engravings accompany the text, one at the beginning of each of the twelve books. All of the engravings are tipped in. The illustrations for books III, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI are by John Baptista de Medina, engraved by M. Burghers. Book IV was illustrated by Bernard Lens, engraved by P.P. Bouche. Book XII was illustrated by Henry Aldrich, engraved by Burghers. The illustrations for Books I and II are engraved by Burghers. The illustrator for these is uncertain.

Book Arts Exhibition – Glimpse


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Rare Books is pleased to support the Book Arts Program with its historic, fine press, and artists’ books collections. Glimpse features these and many other book artists represented in our collections.


Alan James Robinson
Easthampton, MA: Cheloniidae Press, 1986

Wood engravings by author. Lettering by Suzanne Moore. Title printed in brown and black; initials and headings printed in brown and gold. Issued in cloth clamshell box. Edition of fifty copies, signed. University of Utah copy is no. 36.


Karen Hanmer
Glenville, IL: Karen Hammer, 2002
N7433.4 H357 A6 2002

Housed in box. Title on box shows the letter “A” turning into the letter “Z.” Edition of eight copies. University of Utah copy is no. 6, signed by the author.


Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: K. Hanmer, 2003
N7433.4 H357 S6 2003

Accordion-style alphabet book. Edition of twenty copies. University of Utah copy is no. 4.


Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: K. Hanmer, 2004
N7433.4 H357 P37 2004

Karen Hanmer layers fragments of text and image, evoking personal memory within cultural context. Intimate but strong, her books are designed to be handled, their sculptural elements giving way to the physicality of reading the old-fashioned way, by turning a page.

Book of the Week – MILONGAS


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Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)
Buenos Aires: Ediciones Dos Amigos, 1983
PQ7797 B635 M55 1983

Milongas, or lyrics, are Argentinian folksongs, often dealing with the exploits of bandits, and sometimes set to the music of the tango. Illustrated with etchings printed in sepia and black by Ana Maria Moncalvo. Designed by Samuel Cesar Palui. Text hand set and letterpress printed in magenta and black. Issued in case. Bound loose in handmade Japanese green paper wrappers and housed in custom-made blue clamshell box. Edition of one hundred copies on Schoeller blanco, numbered 1 through 100. University of Utah copy is no. 19. Gift of Gabriel Rummonds.

Book of the Week – FIVE POEMS


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Susan Johanknecht
London: Gefn Press, 1989
N7433.4.J65 F5 1989

Poems by Emily Dickinson illustrated with seven hand-burnished relief prints on Kozo collaged onto Khadi pages, one hand-colored with gold paint. Poems handset in Plantin italic and printed damp by Susan Johanknecht at the Camberwell Press, Department of Graphic Arts, Camberwell School of Art. Bound in debossed Khadi covers. Edition of fifty copies. University of Utah copy is no. 47.

We Recommend – Craig Dworkin, CHAP. XXIV


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Craig Dworkin Reads at King’s English: CHAP. XXIV
Thursday, October 29, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
King’s English Bookshop/1511 South 1500 East/Salt Lake City, UT


Craig Dworkin reads from the Red Butte Press publication CHAP. XXIV, at the King’s English Bookshop. Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing.

In 1761, Laurence Sterne published The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy. Chapter XXV of the fourth volume begins, “No doubt, Sir, – there is a whole chapter wanting here – and a chasm of ten pages made in the book by it.”

A jump in pagination confirms that Chapter XXIV is missing.

Coinciding with the 300th anniversary of Sterne’s birth, Craig Dworkin and the Red Butte Press provided the absent chapter – a single signature designed to fit neatly into the first edition. Dworkin’s interpolated text uses historic English words in which the letters “f” and “s” can be interchanged and remain legitimate. Each sentence is based on grammatical constructions found elsewhere in Sterne’s novel.

The type, ITC Founders Caslon, includes seven pre-existing ligatures and seven bespoke long-s ligatures created by the book designer, David Wolske. The book was letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on handmade paper with a Red Butte Press watermark. A typographically illustrated cover used the placement of each dash that appears in the text and externalizes the 18th century typesetters’ practice of using any available foundry dashes. The varying dash length and humorous interplay of the letters “f” and “s” call attention to potentialities of punctuation, spelling, and meaning.

Craig Dworkin
Salt Lake City, UT: Red Butte Press, 2013
N7433.4 D95 C43 2010z

Illustrations by David Wolske. Handmade papers by Robert Buchert, Tryst Press. Edition of three hundred and twenty-five numbered copies; twenty-six lettered copies hors de commerce; fourteen deluxe copies individually letterpress-printed with one of the ligatures that appear in the text, housed in custom enclosures.


Book of the Week – ROCK RODONDO


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Herman Melville (1819-1891)
New York: Red Angel Press, 1981
PS2384 .E62 1981

Blindstamped decoration of birds in flight on title and following leaf. A two-color woodcut of the Galapagos birds folds out vertically. Birds depicted include the Galapagos Penguin, Brown Pelican, Waved Albatross, Antarctic Whale-bird, Swallow-tailed Gull, and Galapagos Storm Petrel. Printed on dampened handmade Fabriano paper. Designed, illustrated, and printed by Ronald Keller. Cover art by Philip Warner. Bound in full tan cloth, partially painted in tan and gray to resemble breaking waves. The front pastedown is a cast paper sculpture of the rock and birds in flight. Edition of one hundred copies signed by the printer. University of Utah copy is number 98.